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Hey, Madison Avenue, Lighten Up!!

From 1955-65, famed filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock hosted an anthology television show.  At the beginning of each show, he’d give a preview of the drama about to unfold, and then he’d make a biting, jokey jab at the slew of commercials that would soon air prior to the drama.  I think that many of the Superbowl ads from Sunday night would have made Sir Alfred roll over in his grave!

What was it that this year, the 49th Superbowl, American audiences saw ads that were sad, depressing, and just not the norm when compared to Superbowl ads of the past? I can recall many hilarious ads for Budweiser beer, snack foods, and myriads of other products but not as many hilarious ads were made this year.  Did Madison Avenue decide to put on it’s PC hat this year and focus on social issues instead of using humor to just sell products for their clients? On to the examination!

Downer Ads: The #1 downer ad, to me, was the one by Nationwide Insurance. Depicting a boy, age 8 or 9, smilingly going about his day and then informing us he won’t live to ride a bike  because he died in an accidental death, then we saw images: an overflowing bathtub, a toppled over tv, spilled household cleaners that contain caustic chemicals. Did Nationwide even think for one moment that parents who had actually lost a child to an accidental death wouldn’t be watching the Superbowl? Did these parents need a reminder of that awful event that took their child’s life?  As I read on a posted Twitter account about that ad, “Nationwide is not on your side!”    Nationwide has since gotten so much negative backlash about this ad that they’ve had to issue a statement about it, trying to explain what points they were trying to get across.   Nationwide

A second downer ad, and one I missed as I was in the kitchen and not viewing the tv, aired only in the St. Louis, MO tv market and was sponsord by the MO branch of National Council on Alchohol and Drug Abuse.  It depicted a mom going into her college-age son’s bedroom only to find him dead from a heroin overdose!!!  To many in the St. Louis market, that ad topped the downer Nationwide ad.

The third downer ad, and again I only caught snippets of it, was about a race car driver dad who has a horrible accident as his family watches the race on tv.  The driver survives and recovers, all an ad for Nissan.  I’m guessing that Nissan was suggesting that if the race car driver were driving their brand of car, he’d be safer? Does Nissan even make race cars? I don’t know.  Also, this ad featured a poor song choice, Harry Chapin’s hit song from the 1970s, “Cat’s in the Cradle”, since in real life, Chapin died at the age of 38 in a car crash!  Nissan

The fourth downer ad was sponsored by the NFL, an ad against Abuse of Women.   Again, I only caught glimpses of this ad, on my way to get a soda and only saw a messy looking bedroom, and missed the ad’s point. I guess this ad isn’t much of a surprise as the NFL has had to deal with players this season not treating the women in their romantic lives well, and an ad depicting the NFL against brutish treatment of women has to happen to keep the NFL’s image from being tarnished.

There were some weird ads, namely the one for Squarespace with actor Jeff Bridges sitting beside a sleeping couple’s bed, intoning weird chant-like sounds as he rubs a stick over the rim of a decorative, metal bowl.  Kim Kardashian’s ad for T-Mobile and the Skittles ad-funny, but weird.  Lastly, there was the awkward McDonald’s ad, stating that starting soon, across America(Europe and Asia, you’re safe!), random customers will have to perform an act of kindess or do a dance or sing a song, and if they do so, their order of food or drink is free.  As someone at the Superbowl party I attended said, this new push by McDonald’s could go horribly wrong.

SquarespaceT-Mobile    Skittles          McDonald's

Polling my kids and myself, we thought the following were the best Superbowl ads and I’m just listing them in a random order, not trying to say one was better than the others: Snickers ad using old Brady Bunch episode clip when Marsha gets hit in the nose with a football, Danny Trejo as Marsha, and the icing on the cake, Steve Buscemi as Jan.  Esurance ad depicting Breaking Bad character Walter White(Bryan Cranston) working as a pharmacist-I only wish they could have somehow gotten Jesse(Aaron Paul) to be in it as his pharmacy tech!  Anheuser-Busch’s ad, heart-warming; depicting the lost puppy being saved from a wolf attack by a team of the famous Clydesdale horses.  Doritos ad, where an airline passenger does a lot of disgusting things in his seat to make sure no one sits next to him on the flight, but when he sees a pretty lady, he flashes his smile and a bag of Doritos tortilla chips, and then discovers that the pretty lady is a mommy with a young child in tow.  Clash of Clans with Liam Neeson acting all tough, and playing his “Father who will get his revenge” character.  Since I’ve been rewatching the 1980s hit tv show, Remington Steel, I liked the Kia ad featuring Pierce Brosnan.  The BMW ad featuring a news clip from an old Today Show segment with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble, not understanding what the internet is or will be, to their current situation, not understanding all the bells and whistles on the new BMW was very clever. Nationwide did redeem itself a bit with their funny ad of actress Mindy Kaling walking around NYC, thinking she’s invisible, but when she tries to randomly kiss actor Matt Damon, who is having lunch with some friends, she learns she’s not invisible.  Lastly, Loctite won me over with their funny and goofy ad proclaiming the wonders of their glue!  The ad even stated that it saved a marriage! The next time I need a stronger glue, I’m buying Loctite!

In conclusion of my and my family’s analysis of the ads, please, please, please Madison Avenue, lighten up and stop the depressing, downer ads!  We Americans want humorous ads to go with our Superbowl, heart-warming is great, too, but please, no more heroin overdoses or dead kids!!!





I’ve Created a Monster! Or Maybe a Future Dietician

Three years ago, our oldest daughter was a junior in high school and she was taking a class on child development.  One of the topics covered in the class was a unit on nutrition.  She had to write a report for the class and since our family loves the library, off we drove to the Jamestown Branch of the St. Louis County Library.   As our daughter was perusing the stacks she found a unique book to use in her research towards her paper.  It wasn’t a large book, just a simple paperback in an exact square shape, probably 7 in. by 7 in.  The book was colorful, as it was filled with photos of foods and meals;  a guide to foods and their nutritional values.  The book depicted name brand foods found in grocery stores and foods ordered  in popular American  restaurants.  The book was Eat This, Not That! .    The younger siblings liked looking through the book,  to see if they’re favorite candy was “ok” to consume or if it was on the “Not That!” list.  Our youngest, 7 at the time, really loved this book and last year, at the tender age of 9, he requested it for a Christmas gift!  My husband, after scanning our kids’ wish lists, asked me if I was sure that youngest son wanted that book and I assured him that it was the child’s number 1 request!  On Christmas day, the youngest excitedly tore off the giftwrap and plunged his nose into that book and our Monster was born!

I’m pretty sure later that day, he wandered into the kitchen and quizzed me as to what I was going to serve the family for Christmas Dinner, for the book, you see, has a section analyzing typical American holiday meals.  For example, a baked potato would be a better choice to serve one’s guests than a mashed potato concoction.  Lean Roast Beef is a great choice for a Christmas main course, not Prime Rib, which has too much fat.  I smiled and thanked him for his advice and went on with the meal’s preparations.

Our son’s reading of this book has been entertaining but it’s begun to drive his siblngs crazy.  At the grocery store, he is apt to point out that Cheerios are better than Golden Grahams, that Thomas’s bagels are better than Sara Lee’s, that Oscar Mayer Center Cut Bacon is better than any other brand of bacon, if one must eat bacon at all.  I have always loved Yoplait Yogurt and was discouraged to learn that it is actually one of the worst yogurt brands out there to consume!  Ben and Jerry’s ice creams contain more fat  than a double cheeseburger meal at McDonalds!   Thomas's bagelsCheetosBen and Jerry's ice cream

Eat This, Not That! is an interesting book, but I have had to put my foot down and tell our son that I am still going to buy certain products and will sometimes  ignore what that book says.  I am a choosy mother, and have always preferred Jif peanut butter over any other brand on the market.  As you have probably already guessed, it’s not the brand recommended in Eat This, Not That!  Slowly, our son has been getting the point.  However, through his guidance, I have made some changes in what we buy, and while Cheetos haven’t been bought in a while, pita chips are a new buy that the family likes and the Cheetos haven’t been missed.   Jif

Our third child, a son, went on a college visit last week.  I also went on the visit and  took the youngest with us, as he is home schooled,    After the talk that the parents sat through was over, and our future college students were returned to us from their program, we were taken to another building for a meet and greet with all of the departments at the school and we were given time  to meet the professors.  As we milled around waiting to talk to certain departments, the youngest found the Dietetics Department.  He mentioned his favorite book to the ladies at that table and they smiled and said how they all knew that book quite well.  They also said they hoped he’d be one of their students in the future!!  I haven’t exactly explored the career path of a dietician, how much do they make, but I do have vague ideas where they are employed at.  Who knows?  Those ladies may be right and we might have a future dietician in our midst!

I would lastly add, that if one of your children is interested in a topic, let them explore it to learn more about it.  Let them seek out information, with your guidance of course.  As a pediatrician once told one of our daughters, reading is good for your brain, it makes you smart.  So let the reading and researching begin, and just be ready to defend your favorite food products, if the book Eat This, Not That! enters your home!