3rd Annual Favorite TV Show Episode Blogathon: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea » wkrpblogahton2017

Subject: WKRP in Cincinnati On 2014-10-24, at 4:57 PM, Fowler, Tanis wrote: After years of struggling to secure musical rights, WKRP in Cincinnati finally gets the complete series treatment from classic TV specialists Shout! Factory. The show arrives Oct. 28 as a 13-DVD box set. Starring, from left, Richard Sanders, Jan Smithers, Tim Reid, Gordon Jump, Frank Bonner, Howard Hesseman, Gary Sandy and Loni Anderson, the sitcom about an AM radio station ran for four seasons and 90 episodes from 1978 to 1982. WKRP2.jpg WKRP3.jpg WKRPCOVER.jpg

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