Beware of Aunts that Sue and Noisy Toddlers

I was cleaning up in the kitchen yesterday morning after the family had departed for work and school.  The radio was on and ABC News was giving the top of the hour national news report when this story caught my ear: A woman who lives in Manhattan had filed a lawsuit in Connecticut, against her nephew for injuries she sustained to her wrist when she fell from a hug he gave her at his 8th birthday party!!

Jennifer Connell went to her nephew, Sean Tarala’s birthday party.  When she arrived, the nephew was riding his brand new bicycle.  When he saw his aunt, he got off the bike and ran to her and gave her a hug, which knocked them both to the ground, breaking the aunt’s wrist.  She didn’t complain at the time as she hadn’t wanted to upset the boy.  However, she claims life has been difficult for her since the broken wrist occurred, and she decided to sue the boy in civil court for $127,000!!

Life has been hard for her? Did she not seek medical attention for the wrist?  Did she receive poor care for the wrist? Did it not heal properly?  One of her complaints was that it’s been hard to hold an hors d’oeuvres plate!  Upon further reading about this lawsuit, the nephew, now 12, had his father accompany him to the jury trial as his mom died last year!!!  I think the death of a parent is a lot harder to live with than the difficulties one might have in holding a plate of food!!

Fortunately, the jury only deliberated for 20 minutes and came back with a verdict rejecting the civil lawsuit.  If one really thinks about this, an aunt suing her nephew, the consequences of this action have probably irreparably damaged this lady’s relationship with her nephew, and possibly with other relatives, too.  What a sad situation.  Thank goodness for a jury with common sense!   Noisy toddler

My last paragraph is about concert etiquette.  My husband and I attended last week’s Rolla Choral Arts Society and Rolla High School, Rolla Jr. High, and Rolla Middle Schools’ Fall Concert.  The choirs all did very well, and it would have been a very enjoyable evening if the family sitting near us had had some common sense and left their toddler at home.  The family had a baby with them, who slept throughout most of the concert.  However, their toddler kept up a constant chatter, sometimes emitting a high-pitched screech.  His parents constant “Shhhhhh’s” meant nothing to their child.  The concerned look from the senior citizen ladies in front of our seats didn’t phase the parents of the noisy toddler.  My husband glanced at them and gave me a look of “don’t these dolts know their loud child is ruining this experience for the audience??”  Finally, after the concert was 3/4ths of the way over, this family left.  My advice to parents of very young children, wanted or not, is do not take toddlers to a musical concert of any kind! They don’t have the maturity to sit quietly, the concert is probably going to overlap on the youngster’s  bedtime or nap time(if it’s a daytime presentation) and sleep for a toddler is more important than seeing some friend or relative perform.  If you can’t hire a babysitter for the evening, then just stay home, please!


* credit to the CT Post, Daniel Tepfer,”Jury Rules Against Aunt Who Sued Boy Over Hug”, Tues., Oct. 13th, 2015.

*credit to Baby Blues comic strip, by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott


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