I Was Nominated for a Liebster Award!

In the world of blogging, bloggers read one another’s posts and often leave comments in order to  chime in about a post, if they liked it, or had some more opinions to share.   Since I began blogging in earnest 3 years ago, it’s been an interesting hobby for me and it has given me the opportunity to read other great bloggers out there in the “blogosphere”.   A nice thing bloggers do for newby bloggers is to send them a Liebster Award.  A Liebster is a nice pat on the back, a way to recognize new blogs that a more experienced  blogger thinks are swell and a way to  help introduce them to other bloggers so they’ll gain new  followers.  Since part of my blogs are dedicated to classic movies,  Speakeasy, hosted by a great gal, Kristina, another blogger dedicated to classic movies that I like to read,  awarded me a Liebster Award over the weekend!    Liebster Award

Part of the fun of receiving a Liebster is to answer a set of questions given by the nominating blogger.  Speakeasy sent me a list of 11 questions that I will now answer.

1. Favorite band or music artist for the past week?   I’ve been on a classical music kick of late and have been listening to 2 cds I own: 25 Romantic Classics and Clair de Lune and other Moonlit Melodies.

2. Name a movie you’d never want to watch.  Ever.  Un Chien Andalou. made in 1928 by Luis Bunuel.  Bunuel was a movie director from Spain  and for political reasons had to leave Spain and lived the rest of his life in Mexico.  A gifted director, his Robinson Crusoe(1952) is one of his films that I do like.  But, Un Chien Andalou, an arty film, that among other things shows an eye being cut into???  I’ll pass!

3.  Name a movie you’re ashamed you haven’t seen yet.  An entire Marx Brothers movie.  I’ve seen snippets through the years, but have not actually sat down and watched one.

4. Name a movie you wish you could have been on the set while it was filming.  1938’s Michael Curtiz directed The Adventures of Robin Hood.  It is such a fun film to watch that I imagine it was a  fun set to be on.  Dashing Errol Flynn, graceful Olivia de Haviland, one of the best swordfights in moviedom between Flynn and Basil Rathbone, and Claude Rains stealing every scene he’s in as the scheming Prince John.

5.  Who is your movie celebrity crush?  You have to answer for both guys and girls.  Since I usually just focus on classic movies, my crushes are long since deceased but their films I love to watch: Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers.

6.  Favorite vacation spot?  Ocean-side or lake-side.

7.  Favorite Super Hero?  I’ve always liked Aquaman.  Alas, my kids tell me he’s lame and that there will never be an Aquaman movie.  Oh well.

8.  Favorite book.  This is hard as I love to read!  I prefer nonfiction and one of the best that I read was John Adams by David McCullough.   HBO must have agreed as their mini-series about John Adams was based on McCullough’s book.

9.  Favorite tv show.  Hmmmmm.  Modern: Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Turn, & NCIS.   Classic: Rawhide(thanks AMC!),  Lost in Space, Star Trek, original Hawaii 5-0, and Gilligan’s Island.

10.  Favorite Beatle’s Song? Hey Jude.

11. The classic movie that started your love of classic movies?  Citizen Kane.  Stumbled on it one Saturday afternoon in my teen years.  It held me mesmerized throughout it’s 2 hour running time.


Winning a Liebster Award also means nominating 11 blogs that you enjoy reading, trying to choose blogs that have less than 200 followers.  The bloggers I nominate must link back to me, and they must answer the 11 questions that I answered.  Then, they must pass on this award to 11 bloggers that they like to read, who have  less than 200 followers.  The bloggers I choose can’t re-nominate my blog.  Here are my picks for the Liebster Award:

The Overflow

Movies, Silently


Girls Do Film

Pastries and Shenanigans

A Cuban-American in Paris

Vienna’s Classic Hollywood

How Sweet it Was

Family Friendly Reviews


MacGuffin Movies


I encourage you to click on my 11 nominees for the Liebster Award and read their blogs.



2 responses to this post.

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  2. hi, sorry I didn’t read this sooner, some Villains kept me from catching up my usual reading 😉 love those answers and will be exploring the blogs you mention. As a childhood superfriends addict I can understand your Aquaman appreciation. and Really great answer about being on the Robin Hood set, that would be amazing. Best to you!


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