This Really Makes Me Weep For The Future

In the comedic film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a snooty maitre d’ of a swanky Chicago restaurant utters the line, “I weep for the future!”, as teenager Ferris and his friends  try to con their way into the restaurant for lunch.  I have often used that line myself when purveying the scene around me at a mall or a fair,  at a movie theatre or sporting event.  It comes immediately to my mind when I see some of the more unusually attired and accessorized folks around me.   My family has gotten used to me uttering this movie’s line under my breath.

Last week I uttered the movie’s line  as I scrolled through the news headlines.   One headline in  particular I could not believe and it  bothered me quite a bit.  This headline made me shake my head and offer up  prayers of God Help Us and God Have Mercy on us.  The headline was that 14 college students signed a poll, agreeing that parents should be allowed to legally abort infants in the 4th trimester.   Dan Joseph, who works for the  Media Research Center, decided to visit George Mason University’s campus last week with a fake poll: Should babies in the 4th Trimester be legally aborted?  Now, Media Research Center is a conservative news website, and the point of Mr. Joseph’s fake poll was to test the students he asked to sign the poll.  He explained to the students that the 4th trimester would be infants ages newborn to 3 months.  He wanted to  find out if students really think about what a poll is asking before they sign their names to one.  As students signed the poll, he reminded them that the 4th trimester means that the baby has been born, that the poll signers were agreeing that if parents decide their baby shouldn’t live, than they would be able to have the baby killed!  One student asked if the baby would feel pain, and signed the poll anyway!  In one hour, which is all the time Mr. Joseph conducted this poll on the campus, 14 students had signed it.

What has our modern society wrought when the thought of taking a baby’s life is so easily and calmly supported??  Aborting unwanted, unborn babies isn’t a new practice.  It didnt’ suddenly come into existance when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Roe vs. Wade in 1973.  The Romans and other ancient societies had herbs and other medicinal potions, for a fee of course, that a woman could purchase and  ingest in order  to kill the unborn baby in her womb.  If that didn’t work, many unwanted babies were left in forests to die of exposure, dehydration, or to be food for wild animals.  Two ancient people groups, the Phoenicians and the Ammonites, sacrificed their children in fire to the false god Molech.

We, who live in 2013, think we are so  intelligent and “cool” with our technologies, but when as a society we look the other way and don’t say much about unborn babies being killed each year, I guess then that the unthinkable, the legal killing of babies from newborn to 3 months old being accepted and not questioned by 14 college students shouldn’t shock us.  College students-one would think they would have asked questions and tried to argue with the pollster!  But no, they just blindly signed the poll, not thinking too deeply about what the poll was about.  I looked to see if George Mason University had any comment or statement about this poll, either apologizing for these students or condemning Media Research Center for the fake poll, but I couldn’t find any.  Here is a link about the poll via One News Now, if you want to read more about it.

What bothered me so much was also the logical step one could make, if one has no heart, that if anyone in your family becomes a burden due to health issues, than just plan to have them killed.  We have two children who were born with health issues; one issue was apparent at birth,  and one issue didn’t appear until the child was 6 years of age.  Neither health issue keeps either child from living life but neither health issue will ever go away.  It will be something that they will have to continue to live with until they pass from this life.  I cannot imagine deciding that because either child wasn’t 100% perfect, that the health issues would mean multiple surgeries, doctor visits, and prescription medications, that the children should be denied life.  I don’t want to imagine a future United States where this attitude of devaluing life even more than it already is, would be acceptable.

14 college students, probably so ingrained in the mantra that it is a Woman’s Right to Choose, unthinkingly agreed with a fake poll, that infants from newborn to 3 months of age, aka a 4th trimester, should be legally killed if the parent(s) want it to be done.  Yes, I weep for the future.


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