I’m on Vacation!

Every other summer my husband’s family plans a vacation, where the clan gets together at one spot and we relax, read, watch movies, play board games, talk, sleep in, and sight-see at tourist spots.  Past vacations have included Disney World, a 3-day Disney cruise, Branson, Missouri,  cabins in Michigan and a day at Lake Michigan, and this week we’ve been relaxing at Indian Beach, Emerald Isle, NC.  We’ve been staying in a wonderful beach house right on the Atlantic.Map of NC

Some people love to head for the mountains for their vacations, and while I wouldn’t mind that, my preference is always to head for the beach.  I guess as a land-locked Midwesterner(sort of-there have always been rivers near the places I’ve lived at, including the Mighty Mississippi!), there is something magnetic to me, to sit and watch the waves roll in, to hear the roaring of the waves, to see ships way out against the horizon and trying to figure out what kind they are with the binoculars.  During an early morning stroll to see the sunrise, we got to see crabs scuttling on the shore and getting ready to hide themselves as the birds would soon be appearing on their daily hunt for food.  Sandpipers aren’t native to Missouri and it was interesting to view them as  they poked their long, stick-like beaks into the sand to get at the tiny crustaceans who’s only evidence that they were there were the tiny air holes they made in the beach’s surface. Before we head out to a local aquarium, and as we decide what to fix for dinner tonight, I thought I’d send out a hurried and much shorter blog; sharing my musings about the Atlantic Ocean, and how majestic it is, it’s power evident for all to see and to feel when  playing  in it.  To view it and know that it ultimately points to our Creator, magnifying His creation and might,  which is all around us.  I don’t believe that this body of water just happened by chance and pondering that fact not only refreshes me in my mind but also in my spirit.  Isn’t that a large part of what a vacation is supposed to do?Ocean sunset

Rougher tide rolling in.

Rougher tide rolling in.

A calm Atlantic Ocean.

A calm Atlantic Ocean.

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